How to Obtain Satanic Power and Get What You Want

“To have and wield power you must seduce and charm. You must be cunning and a chess master. You must also know what evil lurks in the hearts of men.”

If there’s a consummate Devil’s game it’s power. Besides money and women, Warlocks want nothing more than power. Admit it. Power is the great equalizer, the means to get … well, women, fame and money, and basically whatever you want, when you want it. It’s ultimately Satanic in all of its forms as it gives magical control over your life and very often the lives of others. Power is the closest thing a Warlock can have that’s comparable to the wiles of the Satanic Witch. It can help make the 6 o’clock LaVey Personality Synthesizer Warlock appear as a 12 o’clock man — a god in the eyes of other people.

Power is the one thing that cannot be seen, but is lusted after by all. It is the invisible commodity that sets you apart from all others. Riches are power, good looks are power, the right connections are power, and they are all things that lead to personal satisfaction. It is the method to control your life, do what you want — or not want to do — and be your own person; it’s the ultimate path to all pleasures.

The lure of power is one of the most seductive aspects of why one becomes a Satanist. Power over one’s self, his environment, and other people and life in general is very seductive and satisfying. Satanism’s carnal, life celebrating religion and the rebellious mystery of Satanic aesthetics is in of itself a powerful tool that’s immediately identifiable by others. Warlocks are virtually perceived as being powerful because of their alignment with Satanism and that signifies power to the world. After all, Satan has been called many things, but never a pussy!