Interview with a Warlock – 10 Questions With Musician Gyps Fulvus

INTERVIEW WITH A WARLOCK – 10 Questions With Musician Gyps Fulvus

Warlock Gyps Fulvus is a classically trained virtuoso who composes dark ambient music that induces nightmarish visions. He’s released multiple solo albums that encapsulate his haunting mastery of music spectrum, painting ominous soundscapes with his eerie orchestrations. But there is another side to this multi-talented musician that skillfully shreds sweet solos on his electric guitar, leaving audiences stricken with awe. It is this devilishly delightful dichotomy that prompted us to delve deeper into the brilliant mind of Gyps Fulvus.

When did you first start to learn to play an instrument?

It was around the age of five or six when I expressed interest in playing instruments. I started taking piano lessons at that age, carrying on with weekly music lessons until I was about 10 years old. When I hit age 12, I eagerly became intrigued by the electric guitar and instantly wanted to learn the ins and outs of guitar playing. After a short time of taking lessons, I began furthering my knowledge and skills by practicing guitar and piano on my own, really beginning to take it seriously and thoroughly learn music in my mid to late teens.

What motivated you to start composing your own music?

From as early as age eight, I’ve been fascinated with the recording process. At the time, I would record myself singing, playing electric piano, and banging pots and pans as drums while recording myself on a cassette boombox. Once I discovered the process and tools of multi-track recording in my mid teens, I picked up a four-track cassette recorder to try to capture as much of a “wall of sound” as I could with primitive gear, considering that I was on a limited budget. The more I tried new things, listened to more styles of music, and got deeper into analyzing melodies and harmonies, the more motivated I became to work on writing and recording songs. As I got to my early college years, I realized that much of what I was writing and recording was, objectively, sub par and meager at best. Therefore, I decided to expand my horizons by listening to different styles of music without prejudice; it allowed me to subjectively go with my gut in terms of coming up with music that I thought sounded good while making it a point to steer clear of treading too far into styles and sensibilities that are generic, clichéd, or overdone.

What are some of your latest projects?

I’ve got a tremendous amount on my plate, as I’m always working…

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