My Secret of Attracting Women With Magic

I’ve been a professional magician for a long time and although I don’t always use magic to meet girls, sometimes it works to great effect — especially when they ask me to perform. Gentlemen take it from me, short and sweet tricks always leave them wanting more — and hopefully wanting you!

I was attracted to Satanism as a teenager because the magic I read about in the “Satanic Bible” was similar in its workings as the magic tricks I was learning from books I’d found in my school library. This sounds crazy to the “occult expert” but rings true to the Satanist.

Timing, direction, aesthetics, all help shape the working of a magic trick so that it causes the viewer to experience “real magic.” In Satanic Magic there is Greater and Lesser Magic. Stage magic is a combination of the two.

A good stage magician has an aura of mystery, which allows him to weave a suspension of disbelief. This creates a sense of real magic that the audience can see with their eyes. It also works at a deep psychological level.

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