“The Black Guard” Reborn — A Manifesto of Mastery

With the 2016 publishing of “The Satanic Warlock” by Magister Dr. Robert Johnson, the long overdue companion book to Church of Satan founder Anton Szandor LaVey’s “The Satanic Witch,” came the crystallization of just who the contemporary Satanic Warlock is and the birth the Hellfire Brotherhood – The Black Guard!

So who make up this mysterious band of rogues, scoundrels, seducers and gods among men? Read on.

“You have seen me before. You have felt my mass beside you in lust or fury. You have felt my gaze as it forced its way into your soul, judging you, sizing you up and putting you in line. You know me by name only—I am The Black Guard.”

There are ages that define the best of us—those that thrive on carnal delights, conquest and power. In our youth these were the men in our history books, radio dramas, movies and television shows we feared, we looked up to, we desired to emulate. History has a way of being tailored by those who walk in its wake and our perception of a culture or time is skewed by our own experience. To those who were conquerors, to those who took what they wanted, the rules of the world around them never applied. They believed this life is one of celebration, one where you are only worth what you are able to take, how you value yourself and those you have chosen to love.

We are of a legacy of mastery. We should not question or examine the why or wherefore…

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