Warlock Wisdom – The 5 Simple Steps to Living “The Life Carnal”

Unlike the majority of men today who are little more than sheep waiting to be shorn by a host of politically correct dictums, radical feminism, social media obsessions, and trying to make sense out the confusing cocktail served up by the likes of new “menism” like MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) and the ever evolving “manosphere” in an effort to find identity, purpose and sexual satisfaction, Warlocks follow the calling that embraces the clear, cleansing fires of Satanism.

Since the release of my book, The Satanic Warlock, I’ve received scores of emails from men whose heads are spinning on a daily basis, seeking the answers to the real path to living a satisfying, fulfilling life of a Satanist that’s packed with indulgence, abundance, gratification, seduction and of course – sex! I call this “The Life Carnal,” the very frame of living as a satisfied Satanist, and what every Warlock should aspire to achieve.

As the only religion in the world that celebrates the flesh and eschews stale, constipated guilt-ridden behavior, Satanists — especially the new breed of Warlock — are hungry for hardcore information as to the how’s and why’s of becoming gods among men while experiencing a true epicurean lifestyle.

The basics of applying Lesser Magic to achieve these goals of course were outlined in my book in a number of chapters, but many Satanic brothers are clamoring for a quick “cheat sheet,” written “app” or daily “Devilish devotional” if you will, which can be referred to in an instant in order to refresh their memories as to the cornerstones of what the book introduced as the new Black Guard of the Hellfire Brotherhood.

This new Brotherhood has been established to provide information and advice to Warlocks in every endeavor of their lives in order to build a Satanic movement that among other things assists men in today’s environment that foolishly embraces radical feminism and man bashing over right-thinking Satanic principles that accepts equality but champions the undisputed and scientifically proven and delicious differences between men and women that make up the mating dance (and often gives an edge to the gals who know how to use their wiles).

As readers of my book know, the key to a true Warlock is identifying his chosen Archetype and then using the Five Points of Pentagonal Power (honed Mind, Physical and Speech skills to yield Confidence and Charisma). But this new and improved Archetype is only the beginning. What is forged in true Satanic principle must then be put to the test. It’s akin to being trained for months as a boxer – one must fight in a bout or the training is for naught. The Warlock must flex his newfound muscle in the real (and only) world to gain superiority and taste the joys of life!

This is how the Warlock needs to envision himself. It’s the persona he exhibits to the world and the very essence of his Satanic being. It’s this “Self” that lays the groundwork for a fulfilling a life devoid of self-doubt and nagging insignificant problems that tend to haunt many a Warlock’s day.

In fact, most of a Warlock’s problems in life are a direct result of not correctly defining his “Self,” leaving the inner Warlock in a state of confusion and doubt. The pick up artists (PUAs) of the world describe this innate ability (or lack thereof) as having “inner game” — the recognition of a man’s self esteem, worth, confidence and solid mental grasp of his appeal.

But it’s not enough to simply be aware of the inner Self – it must be cultivated, nurtured and honed to steely perfection. The inner “feel” we have for ourselves must permeate our constant thinking every minute of the day and be present in everything we do. This may sound like some metaphysical self-help claptrap, but understanding and performing the mental exercises that constantly reinforce our image is what works to set the wheels of satisfaction in motion. The mettle must be tested. It not only bolsters a Warlock’s self esteem (worth), but actually changes the mind so it is prepared to fend off insecurities and allows for one to accept even the most daunting challenges. In the simplest terms, this is called “confidence” and is Lesser Magic at work!


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