The Secrets of Satanic Seduction


You can have the woman, or partner you desire. The secrets of charisma, confidence and how to play the mating game on the battlefield of the mind are known by the world’s greatest loves and seducers. Nowhere are there more prime examples of these Casanova and Don Jeans than in the brotherhood of Satanic Warlocks who use their dark mysteries to indulge in all of the pleasures of the flesh – whenever and with whomever they want!

There is nothing more Satanic than seduction. Satan is the great seducer, the ultimate gentleman, the purveyor of pleasures whom you never see coming. As actor Al Pacino’s Satan character so aptly put it in the film, The Devil’s Advocate, “I’m the hand up the Mona Lisa’s skirt.”

Contrary to popular belief, seduction is the Devil’s game and NOT the flowery precursor to love — it is the art of hope and despair – it is diabolic in nature, clandestine, and the essence that fuels the mating dance. The art opens all doors to numerous delights and shows a man how to see the entire world as his bedroom through realistic eyes. Seduction is the great leg opener, the spark of infatuation and romantic delirium. Its purpose is to make one fall in love (and lust). It may be the precursor to longstanding relationships, or a method of keeping the spark alive, but its central purpose is to ignite the flames of desire!

In fact, the term “seduction” has its roots in the Medieval Latin sedecure, or ”to lead astray.” When we seduce, we lead one away from the mundane into a world of pure pleasure.

So it is befitting that the central and integral part of any Satanic Warlock is to exercise his ability and expertise as the consummate carnal seducer. It is his primary motivation. And let’s be clear from the start, although seduction is without a doubt the age-old method of bedding one’s mate, the skills are applied in every aspect of personal communication. Seduction is … dear fellows, salesmanship.