What is a Warlock?

Robert Lang

Men today seeking to walk in the world as gods among men, superior to the herd and irresistible to women or any chosen mate, need first to know who and what a Warlock truly is.

Warlocks sealed their rightful pacts with the Devil when Anton Szandor LaVey founded the Church of Satan in 1966. He elevated them from “assistant witches” (barely more than helper monkeys in stale magical goddess worship) into equals of their Satanic sisters and sorcerers in their own right.

The Warlock has always identified with the beasts of the field while making his way in the world as magician, consummate seducer, tempter and irresistible villain. The Warlock’s lust for life is matched only by his innate affinity for the macabre and the pursuit of dark delights.

What’s more, Satanism’s timely emancipation of male Devils created the only lasting bulwark against the radical feminization of men that has unfortunately festered and shows little sign of slowing.

We know to recognize and celebrate the Warlock in all his power and grandeur! The Satanic man combines his primal instincts and learned behaviors, culled from the rewards of indulgence, the thrill of competition, and the occasional hard knock to the head. He is a breed like no other. Warlocks today are a unique ethnicity, reared on the teachings of LaVey and forged by decades of applied rational philosophy.

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